Welcome Sister Mary 

to your very own Pooh Page. I hope you like it. Your little friend Pooh is very happy you came to visit him. 
He was waiting for you. Please sit down, relax, maybe join me in a jar of hunny. Ohhh but you have to watch out for those little buzzing bees. They like to share the hunny too. 

Look at me Mary, I'm so chubby I can't even touch my toes, but that's ok cause I wouldn't be Pooh Bear if I wasn't chubby. *giggle* 

What would you like to do now Mary? Wanna look at some flowers in my Pooh Garden? I heard from a little bird that you love Roses. Well if you click on my Pooh belly right under here, you will be wisked away to my very nice Pooh Garden. 

Ok Mary its time to go now. See you in my Pooh Garden. 

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Your secret Netsister made this page for you and she will leave it up on her server so you can keep coming back here for a visit.