50+ Facts about Sandi

1.  Born in 1959. 
2.  Born in Brooklyn, NY. 
3.  Doesn't have a Brooklyn accent, but has a 
NY accent. 
4.  Has natural blonde hair. 
5.  Has green eyes. 
6.  Loves cappacino. 
7.  Is an amateur genealogist. 
8.  Loves history, especially English and Scottish. 
9.  Hates math. 
10. Loves computers. 
11. Loves designing webpages. 
12. Played clarinet in jr. high and high school. 
13. Graduated high school in 1977. 
14. Hates cold weather. 
15. Loves hot weather. 
16. Loves dressing up, but is most comfortable 
in jeans and a sweat shirt. 
17. Favorite color is blue. 
18. Favorite band is Queen. 
19. Is scared of bugs. 
20. Loves lobster. 
21. Hates liver---Yuck! 
22. Is a returning college student. 
23. Loves the smell of fresh cut grass. 
24. Loves flowers and plants. 
25. Favorite movie is The Titanic. 
26. Loves romance novels. 
27. Favorite author is Bertrice Small. 
28. Has absolutely no patience. 
29. Is very good hearted. 
30. Loves her family. 
31. Loves her friends. 
32. Thinks her friend Ira is one of the funniest 
people she knows. 
33. Doesn't like people who are always late. 
34. Has 1 goldfish living in a bowl. 
35. Used to have a female cat named Malcolm 
Chudley, Jr. 
36. Loves to sleep late. 
37. Hates rainy and snowy days. 
38. Loves sunny days. 
39. Loves watching the TV Food Network. 
40. Loves to cook. 
41. Loves to eat. 
42. Hates housework. 
43. Hates dirt more. 
44. Loves makeup and perfume. 
45. Loves to dance. 
46. Hates to excersize. 
47. Loves email. 
48. Hates spam mail. 
49. Loves it when hubby and the kids are in bed 
and the house is quiet. 
50. Collects dolls from all over the world. 
51. Smokes too much. 
52. Loves to travel.
53. London is her favorite city.
54. San Francisco is a close second.
55. Thinks you are getting bored with this.

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