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I have been surfing the web for almost 5 years now.  This website has been in existence for about 2 years.  When I first started making this site, I really had no idea what I was doing.  I was a newbie, just like we all are when we first start creating websites.  After I figured out that I needed a web server to host my page, I started looking for graphics to put on my site.  I found a site that had some nice graphics that I liked. That graphics site, and most of the graphics sites on the web, have graphics that you can use which are called "linkware".  These graphics are NOT free, they are free for a LINK. What this basically means is that if you use the artist's graphics, you have to use one of their logos with a link back to them or give them credit with a text link.  If you don't know how to do this, please email me and I will explain it to you.   It is so important to give credit because the artists work very hard creating beautiful graphics for our sites.  Some of these graphics take hours to do.  They are very proud of their work and want other people to be able to find their sites so they can use the graphics too.  How would you feel if you were a graphic artist and made graphics for people to use, but they didn't give you credit for your hard work?  I don't think you would feel too good.  A lot of artists have removed their graphic sites from the web because they are tired of not getting the full credit that they deserve.  This, in turn, affects us because one day we might not be able to use "linkware" graphics, we might have to pay for them.  Please always give credit at the bottom of the page that you have that particular artist's stuff on.
  Another taboo is linking to other people's servers.  What this basically means is when you link your graphics to the artist's servers instead of saving them to your hard drive and then uploading them to the server that you use, you link them to their server.  Most free web servers such as  Geocities and  Tripod give you 11 megs of webspace which is a ton of space.  Some web servers give you even more.  Graphic artists get a lot of hits to their sites per day.  Some of the artists have to pay everytime their site gets over a certain amount of hits and if you link to their server, you are stealing bandwidth.  Please click on the logos below to learn more about this.

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  If you link your graphics to their servers, you might find that one day you will have broken images on your site because the artists move their graphics a lot of the time. 
  Please do the right thing and "think before you link" and also give credit where credit is due.  



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