Apply for my award.

I have won many awards so I feel I would like to give out my own award. 

If you would like to apply for my award, please email me with your name, email address, URL of your site, site title and why you feel you deserve my award. I do have a few rules for winning the award. 

1.  ABSOLUTELY no pornographic, racial, or sites with any hatred. The site must be Family Friendly. I have kids and I wouldn't want them seeing anything inappropriate. 

2. You MUST sign my guestbook. 

3. Pages must load fairly quickly and please don't have any broken links or images. Frames are ok as long as you have an option for no frames too.  

4. Your site must have content and creativity, not just a page full of links.You also must give credit where credit is due. The graphic artists work very hard to make beautiful graphics for our sites.  

5. I have to like the website, but don't worry I'm easy to please. *smile* 

If you feel your site should win my award, please email me at the link below. If you win my award, I will notify you within 2 weeks.You also must link your award back to me when you put it up on your site. 


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